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>>> up next on a second look, he served as alameda county district attorney. california governor, and chief justice of the united states. we remember earl warren, his crusade against the kukluxklan and his reforms that helped shape the nation. all ahead tonight on a second look. >>> good evening and welcome to a second look. i'm julie haener. tomorrow is the first monday in october the day that the united states supreme court begins its new session each year. tonight we revisit the lives and times of one of the most controversial chief justices in history. earl warren. warren served from 1963 to 1969. but before he was chief justice, warren was governor of california. and before that, the district attorney in alameda county. he was appointed d.a. in 1925 and elected three times after that. and as faith spanta reports in 2000, one of the most important things he did was to fight the kukluxklan in alameda county. >> reporter: 1,500 masked men in white robes and 500 initiates gather. >> are you a native born white gentile american? will you strive for the maintenance of the suprema
guerra para combatir la delincuencia en el condado de alameda esta creando controversia. ---el alguacil propone utilizar los 'drones' o aeronaves tele-dirigidas para ayudar en su lucha contra la delincuencia, pero como nos explica jaime peluffo, ya existe una oposicin organizada. take pkg :01 - :05 :40 :43 1:11 - 1;15 trt: 1:42 o.c. standard out cu - peluffo esta es la nueva herramienta que propone el alguacil del condado de alameda para ayudar a combatir el crimen.. aeronaves teledirigidas que serviran como un ojo de aguila en contra de delicuentes. esta maÑana manifestantes se congregaron en oakland para expresar su oposicin. s.o.t. no cg here 8:20:06 the public demands transparancy and accountability to make sure that these tools are not abused. s.o.t. no cg here 1:00:01 you'll be able to see what the drone is seeing as it is flying.. el alguacil greg ahern dice que podrn ver lo que la nave vea. agrega que la aeronave o drone cuesta entre $50 mil y 100 mil dlares.. un helicoptero cuesta 3 millones y operarlo otros 300 dlares por hora.. s.o.t. graig ahern/alguacil, cdo. de alameda :2
battling. they kicked the construction industry back to good health. the upper right one is the alameda park station. they could not aid the private agencies. alameda had its own electrical system. these are various projects. los angeles storm drain system. they raised the dam. your water is a product of pw a. they built the sacramento water reservoir. the fans were so well built that in fact, they are still in use. the engineers said we have to replace a ball bearing. we of course, have neglected our infrainstruct our and it's rated to be a d and dropping. so if you don't pay your taxes, things do fall down. much of it is things that were built during the new deal. fortunately, they built them very well. so the stuff was really built to last. but, if you don't have taxes to run a state. i expect we will see more of that stuff. i will give you a brief tour that we take for granted. the commitment to public education in all its manifestations. public schools from kindergarten to higher education. there are thousand of new deal schools built within less than ten years. many have art work
san francisco to alameda. it's all a part of fleet week with mobile weather. >> look good, roberta. i like it. all right. as far as your forecast goes, cooler weather on tap starting to feel like fall all across the bay area. and even a chance of rain in our seven-day forecast. we'll snow it to you coming up. -- we'll show it to you coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, connected with the fatal shooting of a u.s. border pl >>> federal police have arrested two men who may be connected with a fatal shooting of a u.s. border patrol agent according to a mexican law enforcement official. the deadly shooting happened earlier this week about five miles north of the mexico arizona border. agent nicholas ivie and two other patrol officers were fired upon after responding to a tripped fence. one officer was treated and released, the other not hurt. >>> stock prices are rising and retailers are reporting mixed results on september sales. overall, sales were up 3.9%. let's take a look right now at the dow. it's up about 85 points. >>> well, the operator of a troubled nuclear plant wants to restart one of i
killed. salvage crews will try to refloat the liner. >>> pittsburgh steelers rookie alameda ta'amu is on bail this morning after he allegedly led police on a wild drunken chase. place say the 22-year-old was driving an suv the wrong way early sunday morning. alameda ta'amu crashed into several parked cars injuring a female driver. >> he hit three or four cars. he was pin balling off the street apparently. tow trucks were here for hours. >> entire passenger side was destroyed. side view mirror, the door, possibly the front axle of my car. >> place say alameda ta'amu who is six foot, 340 pounds tried to flee on foot. youtube video shows his arrest. alameda ta'amu faces several charges including felony fleeing police, aggravated assault and dui. >>> coming up after your local news on cbs "this morning" five things to know if you're considering to become a homeowner. this is the "cbs morning news". "cbs morning news". ,,,,,,,, state of colorado have more than just the presidential race to consider. there's a ballot initiative that could make colorado the first state in the nation t
that fire. >>> ktvu channel 2 morning news reporter alex savage joins us in alameda with more on what we are learning about the search today, alex? >> reporter: a pair of coast guard vessels are searching for that missing single engine plane with a 75-year-old pilot at the controls and just a short time ago we spoke with a representative here in alameda from the coast guard and they say they do plan to launch a larger aircraft to begin searching a much larger area over of san mateo county coast. they are looking for a small experimental aircraft that went missing shortly after take off yesterday morning. we are showing you a stock photo of what is a model of the plane. this is not the actual plane involved but this is what was being flown by the pilot. andrew hayden, he was flying and was supposed to land yesterday just outside of tucson but he never showed up there. that is when his wife reported him missing. the faa first got involved and eventually the coast guard was called in during the middle of the day yesterday. it appears something went wrong early on in the flight. >> according
lawsuit against alameda county, lan caster's ex-wife, her attorney, and two law enforcement officer. his claim is an alameda county sheriff's deputy and a pleasanton police officer disclosed confidential information to lan caster's ex-wife so she could use it against him in the custody battle for their two children. >>> there is new intriguing information today on a south bay woman who rushed to numerous neighborhood arsons. >>> her neighbor shown on camera. >> shocking. very shocking. we kind of suspected it was a neighbor. >> not her, huh. >> no, never her. >> why's that. >> she was always very concerned. >> looking back now, what about her actions that you think about now. >> well, she was always the first person out there. >> release dz on bail this morning. we knocked on her door. nobody answered but as we waited, somebody locked the door and set the dead bolt. >> neighbors say often talked about how she and a long-time partner put on the fout of july fire works somehows in gil roy and according to some public reports were well known for the shows but san jose fire officials say the
area. one in contra costa county. but alameda has its first human case, discovered in livermore. the person will survive and is doing okay. reggie kumar tells us residents should not panic. >> reporter: alameda county health officials cannot give specific information about the livermore residence who is infected with the west nile virus. the mosquito abatement district learned of this year's first human case late last week. of the resident may not have been bitten by a mosquito. >> the person did have history of travel to the east. so they may have been infected somewhere else. we don't have large numbers of biting mosquitos out. >> reporter: officials searched the resident's property for mosquitos. >> we also put traps out to make sure that we don't have large numbers of adult mosquitos. we don't find it find to fog because there aren't large numbers of biting mosquitos out right now. we are getting late in the season. temperatures have come down. the populations are inclining. >> reporter: officials in hayward tell me there have only been two other human cases in alameda count
awake. now there was a rave at the news event. neighbors could hear them stomping in alameda. >> it was sound check. we were measuring the dvd. >> that went on until 2:00 a.m. in the morning, in alameda. neighbors called in more than 1,700 noise complaints. >>> the city of oakland released a statement that reads in part, quote, we apologize for the discomfort and inconvenience, -- inconvenience. we are sorry for the situation. >>> still, you will have to give up plastic bags and they will offer up compostable bags instead and they are required to charge a dime for each one. the law kicks off for restaurants and bakeries next year. >>> here in the bay area, you are encouraged to try to take transportation or try to carpool and today marks the third spare the air day of the season. >>> sal is checking in to make sure everything is running on time, sal? >>> that is right, so far we are starting the morning off on time with all the bart trains. it is a very nice looking drive, if you are coming up to the toll plaza, no major problems getting into the city. that traffic looks good
to the albany police department and alameda county d.a. went unanswered. the comnitys tornor the yog girl'safety d th reect ey h for mr. "i". >> the whole community is holding so make sure our children are safe and how do we honor his life also. >> reporter: he graduated here from albany middle school and high school. he is scheduled to -- he was scheduled to appear in court on october 24th. >> carolyn: fast moving four acre grass fire badly damaged a home in sonoma county. it erupted just after 4:00 this afternoon and forced fire to close highway 116. witnesses say it started when an old truck backfired. investigators are now interviewing the owner. >> it is finally cooling off a bit after a sizzling hot day around the bay. at least one record was set today. sandhya? >> it is 97 degrees in ktfield check out the temperatures. no fog to seek speak of. temperatures are still warming very warm. 70s and 80s in many locations. check out the highs for today. it was a record-breaking 97 in kentfield. previous record was 96 degrees set back in 1913. 101 livermore. san fransco, hottest y of thyea
the officer who shot and killed an oakland high school student earlier this year. the alameda county district attorney's office found the shooting was justified and that the officer reasonably believed that allen blueford was going to shoot him or others. police noticed him and two other hanging out on a street corner, when they confronted the men, he ran. during the chase, the officers say he pulled a gun. the family claims the shooting was unjustified. >>> 11 people have now died from that rare fungal meningitis which is tied to the tainted steroid shots. the number of sick people has reached 119 in 10 states. new jersey reports at least one illness. the steroid in question is often used for back pain. the problem batch of the medication has been traced to a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. the company has recalled not only the steroids but everything that it makes. >>> later in this broadcast, the giants staying alive! can the a's stay alive? we'll have extensive coverage coming up later. and a world cheerleading backflip record! (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash..
. and alameda a high of 66 degrees tomorrow. the weekend will be dry but the weekend will also be chilly. we're looking at highs generally in the mid- to upper 70s inland, mid- to upper 60s in the bay and there's that chance of rain next monday and tuesday. rain moves out but the cooler weather will stick around wednesday and thursday. one of of these big events this week is fleet week and reporting live from alameda is roberta gonzales. good evening. >> reporter: hi there, paul. actually i was in alameda a little earlier today because we had our convoy from san francisco with the marines to alameda. then i made my way back here because i'm now aboard the macon island in san francisco. this ship is huge. it's basically a city on water when it is out at sea. it is about 840 feet long. [ signal breakup ] roughly about the size of three of football fields back to back. coming up at 6:00 tonight, only right here on cbs 5 will you see this. we are going to take you on a personal tour of the flight deck and only other way you can see that is if you come here for fleet week from tomorrow through su
. the first was alameda county. human case discovered and livermore. they say that the person who has this illness will survive in is doing ok. reggie kumar says that how a mosquito abatement official or trying to find the source. >> alameda county are saying that the health department cannot give specific information about the person that is infected with west nile. because of patient confidentiality. the alameda county district saying that they learned of the first human case late last week. this person might not have been bitten near their residence in livermore. >> this was a troubled history to the central valley. we are not particularly worried because the have-traveling history to the central valley. the winter is coming. the temperatures are decreasing. there are a number of cases but there are not a lot of cases of mosquitos out. we have not had any mosquitos testing positive. >> they've searched the person's property. >> what we do is we go to that property and fanned out from that area and looking for standing water and mosquito larvae. and put traps out to make sure that t
alameda. i wanted to show you the waze app, if you are lucky enough to be going to at&t park tonight grey way to navigate you might want to download this it is free on your smartphone. >>> 6:02. in san francisco police still searching for at least one man who opened fire on an officer in the mission district. terry mcsweeney joins us live with the investigation now underway. >> reporter: mission police station hoping to get new information on this, it could be the police are still putting this together. complicated situation. take a look at pictures we have that case of the matter a couple -- that case of the matter, you see a couple people in handcuffs please are telling us 1:30 this morning, possibly three people nay moving vehicle shot at a police officer, the -- in a -- it was happening in close quarters. the vehicle took off, officer followed in a car. not saying it was a marked car might have been an undercover officer we don't know, he called for back-up one suspect taken into custody officers search for other suspects police say all of this preliminary trying to pi
news in alameda county. fire investigators are on the scene of a deadly house fire and they are calling it suspicious. >> cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is at the home in castro valley where a criminal investigation is now under way. anne. >> reporter: yeah, we know that there was a fire at the house here behind me in castro valley. there is a body in the house but no other details at this point. the fire was relatively small. we can't even see any fire damage from the outside of the house. it was a one alarm fire. as far as the body inside we don't know how that person died. sheriff's deputies expanded the crime scene here on san carlos avenue about a half hour ago. they moved all of us back, all of us reporters, and we're waiting for more information right now. i did speak with a neighbor who says the man who lived in the allows is a retired firefighter from san francisco. and that he lives there with his girlfriend. but again, we don't know whether either of them could be the body that was found inside of this house. we're told that we are going to be getting more information here withi
their bills. >> plus, if you notice a lot of law enforcement in alameda county today, don't be alarmed. it's just a drill. what they are hoping to accomplish and how you can get an up-close look at the future tool to fight crime. >> but first, let's take you outside. there's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. sun is shining, a little bit of a slowdown, if you're paying cash and don't have a fast track transponders to get you through. we are getting word of a hit and run accident on the 7th street off ramp in san francisco, blocking the slow lane. if you are headed into the city, keep an eye out for that. time now, 9:11, you're watching mornings on 2. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. . >>> good morning to you. a live look from bay point this morning. partly cloudy skies, cool conditions, and you can see fairly calm,
cuw37403, san antonio back up pipeline in the sunol area of alameda county, california, and authorize the general manager to implement the project. >> commissioners, any -- >> commissioners. any >> general manager. >> fine. >> any questions? we have the material in front of us. would you like a presentation? or do i have a motion? >> i will move it. >> it's moved. >> second. >> and seconded. >> any discussion? >> if i may take one second if i may to thank scott mcpherson, the project manager on this. he slugged through this many times and did a great job. vivian chow, the project manager as well is also here. congratulations to both. >> here we have a motion and second. >> any public discussion? seeing none, all in favor. >> aye. >> the item carries. >> item 12, prove the terms and conditions and authorize the general manager to execute a purchase and sales agreement with serving evans street for approximately 4.68 acres for 15 million subject to approval by the board of supervisors and mayer. >> yes, ms. russell. >> good afternoon, welcome general manager and commissioners. my i have
. >> reporter: yes. the opening statements are happening right now inside the alameda county courthouse. we have so far only heard from the prosecution. he told the jury that gisele estaba is guilty of the murder of michelle lay. the family was there wearing pins with her picture on them and listened as how giselle let her jealousy get out of control, how her former husband is spending too much time with her when they were, in fact, just friends. we heard recordings where estoban accused him of lying about the relationship and learned astoban stole a i.d. badge and saw phone records detailing dozens of calls and text to the hospital and we are now trying to see how he tried to get more information about when lay would get there. . >> reporter: that was her father there speaking. the courtroom was so full they had to send people out. the prosecutor was saying it was on may 27, 2011 when ford said he is to ban went to the hospital, waited in the parking garage, attacked lay, killed her and dumped her body. they did show graphic picture that is made many of the family members very upset,
department and alameda county d.a. went unanswered. the community is torn for the young girl's safety and the respect they had for mr. "i". >> the whole community is holding so make sure our children are safe and how do we honor his life also. >> reporter: he graduated here from albany middle school and high school. he is scheduled to -- he was scheduled to appear in court on october 24th. >> carolyn: fast moving four acre grass fire badly damaged a home in sonoma county. it erupted just after 4:00 this afternoon and forced fire to close highway 116. witnesses say it started when an old truck backfired. investigators are now interviewing the owner. >> it is finally cooling off a bit after a sizzling hot day around the bay. at least one record was set today. sandhya? >> it is 97 degrees in kentfield check out the temperatures. no fog to seek speak of. temperatures are still warming very warm. 70s and 80s in many locations. check out the highs for today. it was a record-breaking 97 in kentfield. previous record was 96 degrees set back in 1913. 101 in livermore. san francisco, hottest da
windows as far away as san leandro, seven and a half miles away. this alameda street is four and a half miles from the coliseum, but on the night of the rave, it was anything but quiet. >> just constant thumping with all the windows rattling. >> reporter: by coincidence, one of the people is the alameda county supervisor, who got an extra earful that night. >> it was extremely loud, from 6 to 2 a.m. i actually started getting calls to my house. >> what were they saying? >> they said, if we're gonna stay awake, you're gonna stay awake. >> reporter: today, the tents were coming down, leaving only red-faced officials to answer the question on everybody's mind. >> what were they thinking? >> well, i think that -- i don't know what they were thinking, but obviously it didn't work. >> reporter: the idea had been to stop serving alcohol here at midnight and then allow the music to continue to 2:00 in the morning in order for the crowd that was here to dissipate safely. that might have worked, but it didn't work for the residents all around here, and they have been very vocal in their oppositio
recluido en la carcel del condado de alameda sin derecho a fianza donde enfrenta cargos de secuestro, abuso sexual de menores, robo e intento de poseer pornografia infantil.. ---mrozek, debe presentarse ante un juez el 10 de octubre. cesar ---esta noche, una mujer de santa clara se encuentra tras las rejas por presuntamente haber sido encontrada dentro del carro de un desconocido take vo ---segn las autoridades, abigail lee, de 30 aÑos de edad, tenia mas de 50 llaves de carro cuando fue detenida ---los detectives dicen que es comun que las personas que roban vehiculos carguen varias llaves que luego utilizan para ejecutar el crimen ---lee enfrenta cargos por poseer propiedad robada e intentar robar un vehiculo.. blanca alumnos de una secundaria en el ste de la baha an estn asimilando la muerte de un popular maestro... james izumisaki fue encontrado muerto ayer, a pocos dias de haber sido acusado de molestar sexualmente a una ex- alumna.. cesar --jaime peluffo nos tiene los detalles.. jaime.. take pkg :10 - :14 :21 - :24 :46 - :49 1:16 - 1:18 1:29 - 1:32 take pkg antes de que empezaran las
's and the san jose. also 72 degrees in livermore. the same in pleasanton. 63 degrees and alameda. and cool along the coast with temperatures in the 50s. also:san francisco with '60s and '70s for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast. some cloud coverage but some sprinkles are not out of the question. we will resume with a sunny conditions and temperatures gradually cooling as we go towards the weekend. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates.4.2 >> coming up later the 80s and the giants invest on the possible elimination. and also the record seand the yankee will follow that story later in this broadcast... >> skydiving is not for the faint at heart. this is pushing the envelope. he is going to try to break a record from the edge of space only from wearing a helmet. >> after various delays. go time is on tuesday morning. baumgartner will attempt the longest free fall from 120,000 ft. above the earth's surface. freefall will be the 115,000 ft.. and his paratro chute will deploy -- during those crucial crucial moments he will al
and how we are clawing our way back up. >> reporter: alameda food bank helps one in 6 people, two thirds are seniors. >>> we will hear arguments in a legal challenge to reduce green how the gas, they ruled it was unconstitutional. they violate and discrime nate against out of state businesses. the goal is to reduce green out emissions withen 13 years. >>> transportation city officials are calling for adding elevated bike pads between scott and baker streets. the san francisco coalition said more people would consider biking if there was separated bike lanes. they would cover most of the costs but if approved, dozens of parking spaces would be lost. >>> lots of warm weather outside our door and that will continue, the warming trends will continue 4 to 8 degrees above what i saw we've god the good air qualitity. 72 santa rosa low 60s in oakland upper 60s in san francisco, 65 in mountain view, we have a mix of low cloud cover out there, partly cloudy skies along the coastline, partly cloudy skies just inside the bay and we are seeing high clouds drift over and just this system will squeeze
leave from his job with alameda sheriff's department. >>> she rushed to the scene for arson and now that same woman is under arrest for setting fires in a san jose neighborhood. neighbors were telling you more about the suspect in the arson case? >> reporter: we were at the scene where most of the fires were set. this was a place where a woman was setting a fire where it led to her arrest. it has been reported she lives in the neighborhood and we discovered she lives in the apartment complex, in fact very close to the crime scene. there are still areas where numerous areas were set fire to but saturday night during a stake out, arson investigators say they saw 52-year-old woman set fire to a garbage can and they arrested her. she lives 50 feet from both of the fires. her neighbors asked them not to show them on camera because they are afraid of her. >> we suspected it was always a neighbor and she was always very concerned. >> reporter: looking back now what are her actions you think about now? >> she was always the first person out there. >> reporter: she was release on bail and no
numbers bay areawide, year to year. that's according to data quick. it found the median sales in alameda county is up nearly 13%. santa clara is seeing a similar boost. homes in san mateo are selling for about 18% more and going for 25% in contra costa county. >>> also tonight, secretary of state hillary clinton is taking the blame for last month's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. clinton says the security for america's diplomatic missions abroad is her job, not the white house's. u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in that attack. a public memorial will be held for stephens tomorrow at san francisco city hall. >>> it's crunch time for the presidential candidates. tomorrow night they will face off in their second debate, and this time there will be questions from the audience. romney won the coin toss, so he will go first. elizabeth cook on how the candidates are getting ready. >> reporter: both candidates have had a low profile lately as they prepare for tomorrow night. >> i brought some food! >> reporter: after joking that his debate prep wa
arizona. allie rasmus joins us from the coast guard in alameda. good afternoon, allie. >> reporter: good afternoon, once the fog clears the coast guard plans to send oftry to fi a plane wreck. half-moon bay airport is where 75-year-old andrew hayden of florida took off in his single-engine plane before 6:00 a.m. monday morning. according to the san mateo sheriff's spokeswoman he flew the plane here to visit his daughter who lives in the bay area. he was supposed to arrive in tucson yesterday afternoon but never made it. now the coast guard, airport's rescue coordination center and san mateo county sheriff's office launched a search to find any sign of the pilot and his plane. now, the plane they are searching for looks similar to the one in this picture. this is a picture provided to us at the coast guard command center. they said it's the picture they are using to search for wreckage. an 87-foot long coast guard cutter has been out in the water overnight as well and so far no sign of this plane. >> his radar tracking had him pretty much right off half-moon bay and that was the las
under the influence here on highway 680 in alameda county. officers say he was driving at a high rate of speed we'ving in and out of lanes. records show this is the second time morningstar was arrested for a dui. the first eight years ago in san luis obispo. then he was placed on probe yaichlgts in april of this year the chief appeared in court, convicted on last december's offense. morningstar sentenced to 11 days in jail. placed on five years probation. his license suspended two yes. both incidts being investigated by a military unit possible charge include off duty misconduct and violation of regular skplaigs poll sismt camp park did not answer a request for an answer. our calls were also not returned. vic lee abc 7 news. >> a noisy protest over a deadly police shooting may spill over into a stuns meeting. family members of allen blueford contesting a report that found police were justified of the deadly shooting of the teenager. laura? >> this is just the latest in a series of events that his family, attorneys and supporters have held in recent weeks coming nearly two weeks after
was recently sold along with the barge to bay shipping yacht of alled me a. the company reported -- alameda. the company reportedly paid $2.5 million. >> and they're planning on just taking it apart. but the initial use to haves detect low radar -- was to detective low radar on the ocean floor. >> another navy top-secret project. >> that's what i'm told. >> reporter: there's no mystery why the barge and seashadow are docked on treasure island. it's temporary until the owners can find a place to break it up for scrap metal and reuse the barge. >>> they may be locked up, but california prison inmates have never been so well connected. cellphones are being smuggled to them by the thousands every day, allowing crime bosses to keep calling the shots from prison. joe vasquez on the interesting ways the phones are getting in. >> reporter: meet drako. a specially trained cane ine for the prison system. his expertise is finding contraband, which has expanded in recent years. nowadays, cellphones are a growing problem. >> there they are. >> reporter: sergeant wayne conrad says it turns out the cellp
it to the shores of redwood city. the stealth ship was recently sold to bay ship and yacht of alameda. the company reportedly paid $2.5 million. there's no mystery why the barge is now docked on treasure island. it's temporary. on treasure island, linda yee, cbs 5. >>> game 3 was a giant disappointment for giants fans. first, a big rain delay, and then they lost to the cardinals. cbs 5 sports director dennis o'donnell shows us how the giants just couldn't catch a break. >>> thank you, dana. it was a long day in st. louis. it ended in disappointment for giants fans. san francisco looked to catch a break when slugger carlos beltran injured his knee. he was removed and replaced by matt carpenter, who had five postseason at-bats prior to today. in the third inning, carpenter hit a rocket off matt cain into the bleachers, to give the cardinals a 2-1 lead. st. louis added a run. then the storm came which delayed the game for 3 hours 28 minutes. when they returned, jason motte got a 6-out to preserve the win. st. louis takes a 2-1 series lead. coming up in sports, we'll have reaction from the giants' cl
treasure hunt after that meteor sighting in the bay area this week. @p@po' >>> alameda county is one step closer to having a new tool to fight crime. the sheriff is looking to buy an unmanned surveillance drone for search and rescue missions. bomb threats and other crimes. but the plan is drawing criticism. some worry about privacy and safety. so far alameda county is only tested the drones. the county has applied for a federal grant and if they get that money, the first aerial device could come sometime next year. >>> the battle over turf at a san francisco soccer field is heading to court. there has been an ongoing battle for installing turf and lights at beach l.a. soccer field. the lawsuit claims the city overlooked the health risk of chemicals used in the turf. construction was supposed to get under way in january but that is on hold. >>> there is a lighting problem on many bay area freeways and it's a story you will only see here on 2. if you drive after dark you may have noticed dark freeway signs. especially in the south bay. thieves are stealing the copper wiring used to light th
ties. that's according to alameda county court paperwork that our source saw in the car. but pd wouldn't confirm it. they say the investigation is still ongoing. it started as a minor traffic violation and ended in a dramatic collision. >> police are doing their job pulling this person over. the suspect chose to fire at officers and the suspect chose to flee from the scene and create this -- this mess. >> reporter: at 2 a.m., san francisco police department tried to pull over a cadillac for a broken license plate but officers got more than they bargained for. >> the vehicle was pulling over at the area of he feel list and laguna -- of ellis and laguna street. at that time shots were fired from the vehicle and the vehicle fled southbound on laguna. >> reporter: by the time officers caught up with the car it had t-boned into a taxicab a few blocks away. the two male suspects tried to run away but pd caught up with the passenger. >> this shows you how quickly and dangerous police work can turn in the blink of an eye. we're glad to have the passenger off the streets but now we are hoping t
the police got a report of two men arguing and trying to burn their house down on alameda street. we have more on what happened next. >> reporter: this fire was just the finale of a wild night at this home in the end, three birds were decapitated and a man who lived here was shot and killed by the police. >> last night was extremely bizarre event. >> reporter: the police got reports of someone breaking windows on alameda street. when they got here they found two naked men in their late 20s. the police say they broken their own windows and set their house on fire. >> like a nightmare. your next door neighbor suddenly turns into a crazy person. >> reporter: when the police confronted one of the men they say he pointed a rifle at them so the police shot him. he died soon after. the other man is under arrest. now, the police believe that either one or both of these naked men was under the influence of some sort of controlled substance. they also say that rifle that was pointed at them was loaded. >> the police stood outside of the home, guns drawn, not know figure anyone else might be lurk
boulevard in medford avenue shortly after 2:00 this morning. alameda county sheriffs deputies say the driver was speeding after going over railroad tracks. the car went airborne and crashed into a parked mini van. a second car was also damaged. the driver was taken to jail and passenger was treated for minor injuries. >>> it is winner take all at at & t park after the giants force game seven of the national league championship series. >> another strikeout for vogelsong. >> ryan vogelsong led the charge against the cardinals. he did not allow a hit until the sixth inning and struck out a career high nine batters. the giants gave them all the support they needed. two run double by marco suite row. the giants went on to win another elimination game 6-1. giants fans pretty happy as they streamed out of at & t park knowing their team is one win away from going back to the world series. the atmosphere inside and outside the park was electric. >> i have been bay area 52 years. it was the most i would say special but it is special. when you are there and people are going crazy just looking around, t
neighborhood. officers responding to two men arguing on alameda street yesterday. the men, in their late 20s, were naked and hallucinating. police say they set their home on fire. investigators say the man was shot by an officer after he stuck a rifle in another officer's stomach. investigators also made a gruesome discovery on the property. >> they located a blood trail leading out into the backyard of the home where three animals were found to have been decapitated. it appears as though there was some sort of ritualistic act taking place. >> the other man is now under arrest. >>> administrators at piedmont high school just found out what many students have known for years: some of the school's top athletes are taking part in a fantasy sex league based on fantasy sports, varsity male atmosphere draft unsuspecting female students and earn points based on their sexual activities with those girls. the principal is holding a school assembly today to address the situation. but he says no students will be disciplined since no one was identified by name. >> this is morally not a right thing to do
is crazy. >> reporter: we looked at three counties, san francisco, santa clara and alameda counties. 36,000 restaurants in the counties and only 100 inspectors. think about that. hundreds of restaurants each and for the food trucks there are even more food trucks than a year or two ago 350 food trucks per county. they have one inspector in each county to check all these food trucks. >> so it's impossible really to go to every restaurant and key an eye on it. >> it's not impossible. but it's difficult. they said, we went out in the field with them. they are overwhelmed, understaffed, begging for help. each has to cover hundreds of restaurants a year. they will inspect them once or twice a year. it's difficult to keep up. >> there's been some restaurants here in the city prominent ones that have been shut down for a number of reasons. >> they have closed nine restaurants in san francisco in the last two years. alameda county just went to a new system three months ago. they closed 40 restaurants in the last three months as they have gone out and stepped up these inspections. they find cock
because his girlfriend was pregnant with twins. >>> the alameda sheriff's department will release new details about the woman found dead after a castro house fire. the woman's body was discovered early last thursday. investigators later said her death and the fire are suspicious. the home is owned by a retired san francisco firefighter but he's not considered a suspect in this case. >>> jury deliberations continue today in the trial of giselle esteban accused of killing east bay nursing student michelle le. prosecutors say esteban killed le last year because esteban thought le was having an affair with her boyfriend. her attorney said esteban acted in the heat of passion and is guilty of manslaughter, but not murder. >>> new information about another controversy involving pg&e pipeline safety. according to "the chronicle" pg&e said pipelines in the east bay and san jose are safe without proof of inspections. about four and a half miles of gas pipelines. the pipes were at risk of corrosion failure. pg&e blames fault yet record- keeping for the oversight. >>> nurses at stutter hospital
him in his head. >> a snapshot of the whole thing. >> alameda sheriff spokes person, the mans was resisting arrest, even threatening deputies at one point. all deputies could do is respond with forks. >> oakland seems to have a policy, where they will swing first, speak later. >> in oakland, christine ayers, cbs 5. >> and alameda sheriff office tells christine, they will investigate only if someone files a complaint. >>> few months ago, we saw a candidate talked about legitimate rape. today, another candidate is talking about rape and god's intention. >> the candidate is richard murdock. he's running for u.s. senate. one that republicans are counting on to help him take control of the senate. here's what he said in the final minutes when he was asked about the opposition to abortion. >> i know there's some that will disagree. i believe life dpins at conception. the only exception to have an abortion is in the case in the life of a mother. i struggle for a long time. life is a gift from god. even when life begins in a horrible situation of rape, it's something god intended to h
alameda la golpearon muy brutalmente tenia senales en su cara y en su cuerpo de que la golpearon la casa ubicada en el 2431 de la avenida san carlos en castro valley es propiedad del companero sentimental por decadas de latiolais, un bombero retirado de san francisco....ho y las autoridades resaltaron que el se encontraba fuera del estado y que de ninguna forma es sospechoso...l a clave de la investigacion ahora esta en esta camioneta volvo 2006, propiedad de la pareja. el sospechoso o los sospechosos robaron varias cosas de la casa y el carro de la victima que estaba estacionado fuera de la casa el auto fue hallado al dia siguiente en el bulevar brookdale de castro valley. segun la policia, testigos dijeron ver a un hombre similar al de este bosquejo, manejar el auto e irse del area estamos esperando que alguien miro a los sospechosos que traian este carro la noche de octubre 18 y octubre 19 mientras tanto vecinos, contienen los nervios ante lo ocurrido andrea blackburn/vecina could pudo haber sido cualquiera de nosotros, asi nos sentimos, no tenia que ser ella, no debio haber sido nadi
to hold police accountable for their actions. >>> within a few hours the alameda county sheriff is expected to release more information about an arrest in last weeks brutal killing of a castro valley woman. 58-year-old barbara was found beaten in her house. she was brutal beaten, robbed, and her home was set on fire. she lived with her boyfriend who is a retired san francisco firefighter. he is not a suspect in the case. more details will be announced at 10:00 this morning. >>> we know the name of the teenager who's body was found along the san mateo coast. the girl's body was discovered on sunday. investigators are identifying her as 16-year-old cassie cue. the cause of the girl's death is still under information. >>> in alameda county tactical teams will check in for homeland security exercises. scenes like this from last years event will play out accrues the bay. the teams will start the 48 hour challenge tomorrow morning facing 32 different scenarios. the goal is top help law enforcement teams how to respond to possible terrorist attacks and other emergencies. >>> time is 4:
. the kind of case fear and nightmares are made of. that is how the alameda county sheriff's officers describe the woman who was found dead burned in a house. two teens are now in custody. they are both accused of killing barbara lachley. a relative of the younger boy tipped off police. they say the 18-year-old admitted to the killing. investigators say the teens beat her and set the house on fire. firefighters found lachley's body after responding to a fire on october 18th. >>> a new york couple with strong ties to the bay area are devastated after their children were found stabbed to death by their nanny. kevin and corinna krim moved to new york a year ago. she walked into the apartment last night to find their 2-year-old son leo and their daughter, lalcio dead in the bathtub. >> on the floor of the bathroom is the nanny, who apparently had inflicted wounds in her throat. >> this morning, that nanny is in critical, but stable condition. be neighbors never saw or heard any problems with the nanny. the 3-year-old daughter who survived because she was with her mom at the time at a swim
is being done to combat bullying. jeanie saunders, safety manager for the alameda county office of education. i just want to start quickly. you were bullied yourself? >> i was. it goes back to that experience, i can still think of the words that the students used to bully me. i talk with other adults. >> cheryl: so it lasts a long time? >> it does. >> cheryl: you are committed to this issue. what are school administrators doing? >> school administrators start by creating policies. having clear and consistent policies and procedures for bullying. it's really the best way to start the conversation. you have to have students understand what the school's stance is on bullying. to talk about bullying and studentsnow what to do when they are bullied and they know how to report. >> cheryl: how do teachers identify bullying? how does that work? >> teachers need to be trained to identify bullying. i think sometimes people think bullying is just teasing go and rite of passage and it's okay to bully. we need to understand the convinces of bullying. it's beyond teasing, it is repeated and i
of the investigation but the calls to the albany police department and alameda county d.a. went unanswered. the community is torn for the young girl's safety and the respect they had for mr. "i". >> the whole community is holding so make sure our children are safe and how do we honor his life also. >> reporter: he graduated here from albany middle school and high school. he is scheduled to -- he was scheduled to appear in court on october 24th. >> carolyn: fast moving four acre grass fire badly damaged a home in sonoma county. it erupted just after 4:00 this afternoon and forced fire to close highway 116. witnesses say it started when an old truck backfired. investigators are now interviewing the owner. >> it is finally cooling off a bit after a sizzling hot day around the bay. at least one record was set today. sandhya? >> it is 97 degrees in kentfield check out the temperatures. no fog to seek speak of. temperatures are still warming very warm. 70s and 80s in many locations. check out the highs for today. it was a record-breaking 97 in kentfield. previous record was 96 degrees set back i
. the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating the death as a suicide. >>> most of us know a water reservoir that supplies the bay area with clean water and energy. but what would it take to retore it to what it ones was? measure f is what it's called. cbs 5's grace lee tells us it's just a first step in what could be a long political road. >> reporter: voters are considering if they want to take a closer look at our energy and water alternatives if we were to drain hetch hetchy. it would be one of the most emotional issues on the ballot this november. water has buried the hetch hetchy valley since the early 1920's. it supplies san francisco with 85% of its drinking water. now there is a movement to drain the reservoir and restore it to look like its twin, yosemite valley, complete with green meadows, birds, an entire ecosystem restored. it sounds crazy this idea of draining something that's been around since the early 20's. do you think that's possible? >> totally doable. >> reporter: he believes that after just one or two years, we could restore the grassland. within 50 years, a
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